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We Offer Technologies


Thetechtunes Provides Client-side services, it means that the action takes place on the user’s (the client’s) computer. We use HTML,CSS, AJAX, Bootstrap , JavaScript ,Angular Js. , React Js. to create website


Thetechtunes Team work with databases, Databases are where all your data is stored. We use MongoDB, MySQL , Redis, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server to create database.


Thetechtunes team has programing skills concept, we are working with Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Php framework(code Igniter, Laravel) C, C++, Java, NodeJs.


Frameworks are built to make building with programming languages easier.We use Node.js ,Django, Bootstrap, Wordpress ,.NET, Angular.js,Laravel, CodeIgniter in framework


Front End development and Front End programming languages create what a user interacts with the help of javascript, Html and Css.


A language used to develop programs that are executed by the server. We use PHP, C++, Java and JSP, Python, Ruby on Rails to show websites in server.