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At tech tunes, we pledge to bring you the utmost functional e-commerce web portals and mobile applications

Web Application

Our features Apps include

Our e-commerce app features include smooth workability and remaining absolutely functional.

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E Com Platform

Our e-commerce app features

Tech tunes develops applications with astounding features and for this reason you should always zero upon us

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Admin Panel

Admin Module Features

The admin module option in the e-commerce app is a multitasking system added by us.

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  • Gift cards and coupons
  • Product search
  • My order section
  • Referral system
  • E-Wallet
Gift cards and coupons

Tech tunes believes in customer extension and for that reason it helps to add the feature of gift cards and coupon system of various price values. The strategic system is helpful in encouraging customers to buy more products at rebates. It also generates loyalty as users often happened to exchange gift cards and refer the company in case of offer discount.

Product search

Search option available in the customer application makes it easy to find out what users are looking forward to. One can Just apply the filter option or simply enter the keyword to find the exact product or related suggestion. This is something that delivers a very positive experience to every user.

My order section

It is easy to find out the orders placed and previous records by checking my Order section. The menu lets you find out the purchased products and where they exactly are. When the users are able to find out the previous transactions and orders, it helps them to build a trust upon the company.

Referral system

Every website that delivers some or the other type of referral reward helps in getting more customers on an annual basis. It is a win-win situation because new people join your business and add to your growth.


The e-wallet acts as a virtual wallet that stores your money and helps you to shop from it. This particular feature added in the website makes it more convenient for the users to make payment and apply the available reward cash and incentives. The e-commerce platform can gain more customers this way because the wallets are always helpful.

Our e-commerce app


Sign up

No matter whether it is a customer or A seller who wants to sign up, The application has a relevant feature for it. There are Separate options for seller and customer sign up respectively. The e-commerce platform has relevant conditions for each option.

Payment settlement

The payment management feature of the application ensures that the refund and cancellation of the order is well managed. The buyers and sellers both can view cancellations and returns respectively in the application.

Product management

It is very easy to manage product purchase wnd listing with the easy options available. The e-commerce application improves business efficiency by making it completely convenient to handle such a scenario.

Order Management

Order management feature of the application makes sure that the updated products can be actively managed or cancelled. Whatever return requests are pending on the product remain easily visible. In simple words, the order management feature in the application ensure smoother operation of everything.

Dispatch notification and invoice

The seller can conveniently review the products that has been dispatched and the ones that are pending. This creates a list of services and products along with the invoice.

Admin Module


Logistic management

The logistic management option allows the admin to acquire quality oriented services. The developed application has the feature to handle logistics in which the buyers and sellers remain completely informed about the shipment of the products.

Buyers and Multi admin management system

The owner of the e-commerce business can handle the signup process business profiles and many other important activities. This is something that adds to the peace of mind of the business owner.

Product and seller management

The e-commerce owner can easily select or reject the request of sellers. Approving and disapproving the product list is also very easy with the management system available in the application. This owner can also ask the sellers to make certain edits regarding the products.

Payment and refund

Payment and refund option additionally helps to ensure that the admin is aware about the returns and refunds of the product. The payment received by the buyers and the sellers are respectively portrayed in the e-commerce application in a well categorised form.


The e-commerce marketplace earns plenty of commission for some or the other reason. There is a Calculator feature in the website so that every thing is well managed in a scheduled form.

Support And Feedback

No matter whether the sellers all the buyers, everybody can easily resolve their complain by choosing the feedback and support section.

Reports and analysis

Analysis option further helps to find out the performance of sellers and customer response. Such reports helps to improvise the experience by adding more of those products that are in demand.

Reviews and ratings

The business owners can easily track the progress of the website to review and rating management option over the platform. One can also delete the abusive review so that the app only has positive parts of the business

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We cater to the customer requirement and bring you the solutions to meet your business needs. Our experience works as a perk for your e-commerce website and app development. We have been applying certain successful strategies to scale up small businesses and revive the existing ones. We understand that developing an e-commerce website and a mobile app requires a team of skilled professionals.

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